i Pledge

i Pledge

As Centerpath teaches, the universe naturally generates harmony and balance. i Pledge just reminds us of the overriding significance of this wisdom-and how we can instill it back into our lives.

Take the i Citizen pledge to remember the steps we can take to contribute to a better world.

Your obligation to i Pledge? Simply a commitment—to yourself that you’ll do your best toward building a better world and universe through being the best person you can.

i Pledge to Do the Best I Can

…I pledge allegiance to the good and just causes of I-Citizen.

…To the united mindfulness for which it stands.

…One great purpose, under nature and God;

…Promoting responsibility and sensibility in all.

i Pledge to Do Better

I recognize my life outcomes and relationships result from my actions.

My life and larger world can only improve if I make true changes in the way I feel and act.

I pledge to better understand why I think and act the way I do , and center my life in things that are more real, right, and rooted.

i Extended Pledge

  1. I recognize higher universal laws underlie all things including mankind. I will strive to align my thoughts and actions to these great truths and wisdoms.
  2. The path to salvation, fulfillment, and happiness is through being kind, helpful, and thoughtful (and not through being greedy, always beating others, and always having to win).
  3. I will practice rightness, sustainability, and sensibility as my core modus operandi.
  4. I will support good causes, frugality, and the mindful use of resources.
  5. My actions all have an effect (of which I am the cause). I pledge to better understand the effects of my actions and accordingly shift my activities to minimize negative outcomes and boost positive outcomes.
  6. All I think, say, and do has impacts on something else. I commit to measuring all my actions and consumptions against their true cost.
  7. I pledge my thoughts and actions to things of proper, good, and enduring quality.
  8. I will actively conserve resources through each of my acts no matter how small. Recycling, reusing, minimizing purchases, minimizing consumption, buying locally, boycotting over users, and living frugally are key elements of my life.
  9. I acknowledge I create my world through my thoughts, words, and actions.
  10. I recognize personal choice is important but also acknowledge there are higher order qualities and truths that I will strive toward understanding and pursuing.
  11. I recognize what I hold dear has a lot to do with the character and quality of my life. Thus I strive to fill my mind and thoughts with only the best of things such that my life will naturally evolve to a higher plane.
  12. My choices reflect what I hold dear. I will evaluate my choices and strive to improve them –and my mindset, in order to be a more intelligent and responsible citizen.
  13. Though others impact my world, I am responsible for what I say and do and accept the consequences of those actions and words.
  14. I work faithfully and diligently toward all my endeavors. In this way everything I do (and produce) will be valuable, meaningful, and enduring.
  15. I recognize human nature includes a large element of criticality and negativity (million-year-old memories). I recognize this in myself (and others) and strive to overcome its influence on me.
  16. I will not blindly accept what the media tells me as their messages are often untruthful and unwholesome (and largely designed to manipulate me and others). Instead I seek to better understand the motivation of their message (and its negative impacts) and instead seek the truth.
  17. I recognize we all have our struggles which largely results from past circumstances thus I seek to understand and keep a compassionate mindset.
  18. I strive to be a shining ray of hope and positive energy such that others are infected by its natural contagion.
  19. I strive to live my life in balance with all things in the reassuring knowledge all things seek for a natural balance about a calm center.
  20. I recognize gaining resources to support our family is very important however without proper restraint; such impulses lead to destructive greed. I pledge to keep my expectations in check and balance them against what I truly need to be happy and content such that a larger and rightful good is served.
  21. I acknowledge the virtues of truth, openness, and honesty; and will strive to instill these qualities in all my actions and interactions.
  22. I openly share knowledge with others in the knowing it will help them grow, learn, and become stronger.
  23. Of all things, I recognize love, kindness, and compassion are the greatest human expression and will strive to instill its quality in all my daily interactions.
  24. I strive to be patient with others and try to understand why they feel the way they do (and seek to see both sides of the story).
  25. I recognize the qualities of virtue and purity define the qualities of the highest order things in life and are therefore worth pursing in all I do.
  26. I acknowledge both the male and female qualities while often contradictory, are of equal importance in the larger holistic scheme of things. I remind myself society is out of balance without equal levels of the feminine qualities compassion, kindness, frugality, and giving.
  27. I honor commitment and cherish family. They are the most meaningful and enduring things towards living a good life.
  28. I will teach my children the beauty in all things and how all things are interconnected so that their knowledge is wider and more holistic.
  29. I will undertake activities supporting and bolstering my local community. Buying local will be a key element of this habit.
  30. I live in the knowledge that if I do my best, help, and teach others; I will build a great life (and future) for myself and others.
  31. I strive to earn the respect and love of others as these are things of the highest calling.
  32. I give thanks regularly to friends, family, community, and those that help me.
  33. I give thanks to the bountifulness of my life. I hold nature and God in the highest regard for providing me all I need.
  34. I remind myself I build my epitaph every day through what I say and do.
Jin Nua