What/Why i Citizen?

What/Why i Citizen?

i-Citizen is a virtual, worldwide community intended to improve lives through implementing more sensible, holistic approaches to how we live and interact.

i-Citizen is based on a simple and highly empowering premise–human nature is a reflection of its source code–nature herself. That we as humans–like the universe that created us; inherently seek balance, elation, and higher planes . Thus i-Citizen will shift society’s reward systems to emphasize the better side of human nature to achieve a more beneficial state of being.

i-Citizen will stimulate social and environment responsibility through first redefining humanity’s core values and than translating these same values into action throughout society via its culture. educational, media, and legislative organizations.

i Citizen’s effects will initially take hold through getting as many people as possible to make real changes in their lives now—through being more thoughtful, helping others more, conserving, giving something back. The combined effects of millions of people acting more mindfully contributing massively to a greater world for us and our kids.

On the back of these increasingly ingrained habits, i Citizen will morph progressively into a series of formal institutions over the coming years—ultimately a political party capable of carrying i citizen’s ideas forward, forever into the future.

We invite you to contributing to this good and noble effort.

i-Citizen’s Goals and Structure

The goals of i-Citizen are as simple as they are profound.  iC’s intends to affect the opinions and attitudes of individual’s to strike the perfect balance between the human condition and that of the planet that sustains it.

Of course these are the goals of everyone –to balance the needs of the human and worldly soul. But whereas others have only achieved partial success iC will succeed through truly recognizing the natural way of all things –and how that ‘way’ relates to the human condition.

iC is rooted in the principles of Centerpath. Namely;

  • The ‘condition’ of all creations results directly from the content and character of what’s at their core.
  • Thus if a creation is ailing (in this case society), it’s because its core is corrupt. By healing the core of society, society can flourish.

In this light, iC will establish positive, long term change through the following broad principles;

  • iC will define a new set of social core values based on sensible, balanced, and sustainable principles as reflected in iC’s constitution.
  • iC will than establish social, tax, legislative, and educational structures to reflect and build real society’s new core values forming the basis of iC’s Platform.
  • iC will progressively implement changes over 1-2 generations to have a real chance of changing the world as part of its 100 Year Plan.

Clear for all to see is this–iC is rooted in something real and right, practical and meaningful, beautiful and enduring.

And the time is right for iC! Study after study show people are dissatisfied with the media, their lives, and the treatment of the planet.

This is no surprise. Citizens are a reflection of their society’s core values. Today’s values are less-than-savory and its citizens are suffering accordingly.

Reserve your place in history by helping found the organization that saved our hearts, and the planet.

Why Will i-Citizen Succeed?

i Citizen recognizes enduring change can only be realized with a balanced, two-angled approach.  Specifically—i Citizen will implement a simultaneous bottoms-up and top-down approach to ensure aligned and enduring social and political change.

To the first element, i Citizen will start with engaging the hearts and minds of men and woman on a grassroots level building a consistent approach based on the most ultimate of wisdoms—natures’. The combined resources of i Learn, i Action, and i Pledge are designed to maximize human potential, actions, and experience—to build a global community of sensible, aware, and empowered citizens. The effects by millions of people aligned to the same good and rightful goals will prove incredibly powerful.

To address the top-down component of the effort, i Citizen will establish social, legislative, tax, and educational programs to maintain sensible, sustainable, and long-term solutions. Forming a multi-dimensional, long-term, political platform, i Platform is the vehicle i Citizen will use to institutionalize and sustain long term change.

Why i-Citizen?

“Changing the world one heart at a time”

Study-after-study shows the health of the human soul –and the planet’s health, are at all-time lows. It’s hard to imagine such a condition could exist but it’s sadly true –even after mercilessly extracting earthly resources to satisfy our endless needs and desires –we’re still not happy.

It’s the worst of all possible worlds.

As all conditions result from the underlying beliefs –today’s malaise results from flawed modern beliefs and their expression as social policies.

Intelligent Citizen (iC) aims to turnaround this terrible state of affairs by reestablishing a balance between the needs, desires, and expectations of humans and the planet that fully provides everything we have.

What is an i-Citizen?

i-Citizens are perpetually on a quest to better understand the world and their lives–and how the two fit together.

i-Citizens–actively seek out and speak the truth in all matters.

i-Citizens passionately mentor youth and their children to the larger truths of being.

i-Citizens recognize their drops in the ocean make a difference–and will ultimately result in tsunami-sized changes in thinking and action. A higher collective conscious.

i-Citizens don’t accept today’s empty slogans but instead undertake meaningful activities to improve the world, their lives, and the lives of others.

i-Citizens recognize there are larger truths over and above individual truths. i-Citizens recognize the importance of individual truths however also pay homage to things that endure the test of time–goodness, rightness, and balance in interactions.

What is i-Citizen Based On?

I-Citizen is based on Jin’s Centerpath formulization which states all creations—including mankind, our lives, and society; are naturally symmetric, balanced, and holistic-—a natural result of powerful and pure objects residing at their core.

Thus through emulating nature’s way; by simply re-rooting ourselves in nature—we can improve our lives collectively and individually—and undo the damage caused by greed, self-centeredness, disharmony and other maladies of the modern world. Such re-centering can be accomplished by emphasizing nature, being mindful, reflecting on the unified nature of the universe, and in particular—enhancing and where necessary—correcting the  core of anything we consider.

Thus we can solve all issues and problem—we can find a solution and a path forward, for diets, emotions, quarrels, a homework problem, a war, whateverby—by simply healing its core.

Jin Nua