i Constitution

i Constitution

We the people of i Citizen strive to produce a system expressive of the greatest potentialities of the human race.

To achieve this goal, we recognize the following facts;

  • The universe’s natural state produces a certain goodness, balance, and harmony.
  • Human nature is the same–our natural disposition is to be kind, help others, and love.
  • Deviations from this way are a result of elements of human nature that strive to ‘rule’ others and maximize benefit and resource consumption without knowledge or care for the larger implications of such behavior. In other words, a certain element of the human psyche goes against the natural way of things.
  • To counter such unnatural behaviors and maintain the balance the universe strives for, we need to establish the qualities of virtue at the core of our belief, values, educational, and legislative systsm.
  • Cognizant of these facts we, as intelligent citizens strive to live our lives in ways consistent with the universal way and minimize behaviors associated with human nature’s destructive components.

Thus iC’s bylaws shall be established to allow as much personal freedom as-is possible however within the constraints of a practical, balanced, and sustainable framework that maximixes the best of human nature, and tempers the worse.

These bylaws include;

  • “Coming in 1Q 2017”
Jin Nua