i Mission

i Mission

Mission Statement

iC’s goals are broad-based however it’s mission can be captured in the following two sets of principles;

iC’s mission is to establish a balance between the needs of the human soul and the planet sustaining it.

iC will accomplish its objectives by establishing more virtuous and rightful values at the core of society. From a more sensible point of departure, society will be progressively restructured to reflect its new values via new educational systems, media broadcasts, laws, and tax structures.

Executive Summary

i-Citizen’s (iC) will bring about meaningful and enduring social change through realigning the hearts and minds of men with the wisdom flourishing in nature.

iC’s will achieve its goals by igniting a grassroots movement rooted in re-centering people with what’s real and right by establishing balanced relationships between individuals, society, and the natural world through a coordinated, long-term approach.

iC’s goals and scope are as simple as they are profound;

  • Recognize the deep significance of nature’s wisdoms and how emulating her way (which naturally leads to balance, beauty, holism, and harmony); we can uplift and enrich our lives.
  • Laws, taxes, and education will be designed around more holistic, conservation minded core agendas designed to strike a balance between the needs of mankind—indeed the human soul and the planet that sustains us.
  • iC’s core strategies will be implemented through a long term, one-hundred-year plan
  • The 100 Year Plan (HYP) will be designed to progressively change laws, taxes, and education over 1-2 generations
  • iC will ultimately establish a political party to better effect and accelerate change

In order to ignite such a movement, it’s necessary to create an organization members feel strongly connected to. To this end iC will start a new, virtual country named I-Planet whose citizens will be named I-Citizens (short for Intelligent Citizens).

The primarily medium for iC will be an interactive, web-based site supplemented by local chapters in cities throughout the world.


Jin Nua