i Recruit

i Recruit

Part of making a difference is spreading i Citizen’s good and valuable message to family, friends, and colleagues.

Please steer others to iC so that they can find effective and meaningful ways to improve their lives, the lives of others, and the world at large. To quite literally help save the world—one intelligent citizen at a time.

Invite people to join iC through the following introductory resources!

  • Guide them to the What is i Citizen link to quickly glean iC’s goals and objectives.
  • Send them the i Pledge link to give them a quick idea of the fundamental fell of iC.
  • Guide them to the i Signup page to join iC.

Send us a story of how you recruited someone to iC and stand a chance to be highlighted in an our i Highlight feature column (submit your story to Jin to be considered for this cool opportunity!).

Jin Nua