i Recipe

i Recipe

i Recipe provides sets of instructions to cultivate physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.

Like a recipe used to prepare a healthy meal, i Recipe provides the steps and activities necessary to uplift and enhance your life and the experience of it. Check out these life enhancing prescriptions to bring more joy into your life!

I Want to Be Happy!

Be happy!
Follow Your Heart!
Listen to your inner voice, it has all the wisdom you’ll ever need.
Stop thinking you know everything!
Have faith in your natural intuition versus simply accepting society’s definition of what is important and right.
Slow your life. Walk in nature. Surround yourself with high art. Reflect more.
Get away from your television and I-device. Don’t believe in what you’ve been told. Accept that you don’t know everything and need to open your mind to other possibilities.
Write out your new direction (by hand) on a piece of paper.
Sit down at a table. Get a piece of paper and a pen. Write.
Say to yourself you will make and take the time today.
Read this message again and again until you take action—and take the first step toward being happy!

What it All Means

Prepare yourself for a long walk in nature. Pick a path close to your home or as nearby as possible. Choose a comfortable time of the day. I recommend you take your walk in the early evening with approximately 1-2 hours of sunlight remaining. This is a good time because it’s generally cooler out and the day is almost over so your mind will generally be freer. Not only the colors accompanying sunset are usually sharper and more awe-inspiring.

To help cultivate an expansionary mindset, I recommend you download “A Question and Answer Session with Jin Nua” from YouTube (or alternatively your favorite music or meditation video).  Jin’s Q&A session is especially inspiring due to its deep insights and guidance to life’s big questions—What does it all mean? How does order arise? Is there a higher path? Is there a God? Do i have a Soul?…are just some of the fantastic subjects covered.

Once you are in a good location and comfortable, observe the world around you as you listen to Jin’s Q&A session. Take in the words, sights, and relationships around you as you walk. Know that all is balanced, right, and good. Guaranteed by a Great Creator whose granted you this blessed opportunity to experience the universe and delight in its perfection and harmony. At least Jin likes to think so! 

Centerpath Meditation

As most of you are aware, the ultimate goal of meditation and Yoga is the same—to reconnect with the pure essence at the core of our being. As many find this difficult to readily achieve I recommend a slower paced, less frustrating, and fun alternative. Set your meditative mind toward the center of something else instead–a flower, a conversation you had that morning, a problem in your life, a galaxy, a river, a whatever. Through such a practice you will find truth, the essence, and spirit of things. And through this practice –i.e. finding nature and life’s centers, you will become closer to your center–the ultimate prize.

It you want some help finding the center of all things, I recommend you check out this VDO and my book Centerpath Encyclopeida (follow this link)

Q & A with Jin

A delightful Q & A with Jin revealing how the universe is ordered, how we’re related to nature, and how we should think about and approach life. If you want to get your arms around life and what it means, check out this powerful video.

If you ever need to put things back into perspective or to simply uplift your mood, I encourage you to listen to Jin’s U-Tube VDO entitled “Q&A with Jin”.

If you want to amplify the effects of the VDO, take a walk in nature while listening to it.

I-Citizen Pledge

As Centerpath teaches, the universe naturally generates harmony and balance. i Pledge just reminds us of the overriding significance of this wisdom-and how we can instill it back into our lives.

Take the i Citizen pledge to remember the steps we can take to contribute to a better world.

Your obligation to i Pledge? Simply a commitment—to yourself that you’ll do your best toward building a better world and universe through being the best person you can.

i Pledge to Do the Best I Can

…I pledge allegiance to the good and just causes of I-Citizen.

…To the united mindfulness for which it stands.

…One great purpose, under nature and God;

…Promoting responsibility and sensibility in all.

i Pledge to Do Better

Click here to see I-Citizen’s extended pledge.

Every Experience, an Opportunity to Center

Everything has a center and by simply understanding this essential quality of being, you can uplift and enhance your experience of life. Every moment, every experience is a divine opportunity to center. 

Everything is here for a reason. It has an origin, past, secret, and mystery to solve. A tree started as a seedling. Ongoing arguments in our lives started and continue because the originating disagreement remains unresolved. Entire philosophies begin with the thoughts of a single man.

  • By traversing the path to the center of all things, you will find its purpose, meaning, and reason for being here. You will come to better understand your world, the mind of the Great Creator, and yourself. Use the following excerpt from my book Awaken to bring this concept into your heart: 
  • All of life is a mystery moving toward hidden centers. Once you arrive at the center, the journey is complete; we have found what we are looking for: the essence, source, and reason why.
  • All things enduring and meaningful are tied to this process. Arguments, fights, and battles. The outcomes of hunts, the preparation of meals, and musical and sensual climaxes. Shaman rituals, births, hugs, cries, and deaths. Upon arriving, we discover the journey’s secret. While always surprising, it’s also always comprised of the same stuff: beauty, truth, and essence.
  • All of the universe is destined to create a crescendo to a center and crash back down on the shore where it began.  
  • All of life and its experiences are journeys back to the source. All experiences are moments of creation. They produce a center and thus set a future trap for us to be drawn and return to. The larger whole is cast. 
  • All the mind’s structures are intended to find those traps, to traverse a meaningful journey to that place. The reason and essence lying in wait.  
  • See the splendor of centers—moments of truth, love, beauty, brightness, and complexity. Experience the journey to secrets, hearts of the matter, and where the truth lay in hiding.
  •  Rejoice in being a center—a glowing heart. Its penultimate power is the universe’s greatest stuff—beauty, truth, essence, love, compassion. This is being true to the way of things, yourself, and the universe.
  • Rejoice in the journey of being. Traversing to the essence of all your experiences. Once your new habit becomes latched to the larger branch of the apple tree, the journey gets steeper and sweeter. Who’s waiting for you at the end of it makes its strenuous ascent infinitely worth it.
  • Rejoice in experiencing all of nature’s stunningly beautiful creations. All were carved out by things seeking their very own, consistently patterned, center—oriented destiny.

In Centerpath, we traverse many journeys to the heart of things in order to gain unique insights, great perspectives, and valuable trinkets of wisdom. Hopefully its many nuggets of insight will fascinate and inspire you on the way to your very own Centerpath destination.

Jin Nua