i Network

i Network

The more time I spend researching spiritual websites, the more inspired I become.

It’s refreshing seeing so many dedicating their energies toward making the world a better place.

Not only—it’s equally exciting to see so many seeking higher planes of understanding (witness the many subscribers and blog exchanges on spiritual websites).

The fact is we all intuitively know there is a higher path—the difference between those seeking it and those who haven’t is subtle yet highly significant. Seekers have taken the extra step of acting on their intuition to explore truer and more meaningful terrains of being.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone had the courage to break free of the social bonds restricting them to a relatively narrow, human-centric view and instead discover the rest of marvelous being everywhere about them?

The intent of i Network is to share the world’s deep spiritual wealth as well as contribute to iC’s goal of organizing groups of true ‘do-gooders’ in a single, larger, stronger, and more focused whole.

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