i Monthly Focus

i Monthly Focus

To raise awareness of the many great efforts and institutions out there–and to maximize their impact and potential, i Monthly Focus highlights the initiatives of good and noble causes such as the Sierra Club, Center of Ecoliteracy, etc. etc.

We’ll also focus attention towards those in need of support. For instance a child in need (or toward the leaders of war torn countries urging them to settle and do the right thing).

In other words, i Citizen will serve as the medium to focus energy into good, positive, and needful activities and organizations.

i Monthly Focus – The Book of Life (December  2016)

As i-Citizen begins to role out it’s ATC Educational Curriculum in the coming years, “The Book of Life” will surely be a main consultant and partner of ours. With its incredibly profound and wide reaching subjects, it closes the circle of knowledge required to traverse life–an extraordinary set of ideas and lessons for all ages. Sign up for their newsletter today!


i Monthly Focus – The Eugene Weekly (August  2016)

A perfect compliment to i-Citizen’s mission can be from the Eugene Weekly’s Mission Statement below. Based in Eugene Oregon, these guys know the issues and how to promote positive change. True friends of i-Citizen!

Eugene Weekly exists to boldly question prevailing wisdom and authority. We expose corporate practices and public policies that benefit the few at the expense of the many. We provide a voice for the oppressed and dismissed, and support unfettered artistic expression. As informed citizens, we carry a responsibility for community leadership. We advocate aggressively for environmental sanity, government accountability, sustainable economics, social justice, cultural diversity, tolerance, and the lively, free interchange of ideas and opinions. We also seek to provide employment, training and a supportive work environment for Eugene’s most creative writers, artists, photographers, graphic designers, salespeople, office workers and managers.

i Monthly Focus – Theaster Gates (July  2016)

If you don’t believe real change is possible, check out Theaster Gates’ Ted Talk (see link below). Here a wonderful example of how a single man’s dreams and perserverance can make  meaningful–and indeed fanstatic change through rehabilitating abandoned homes, renewing culture, and reviving entire neighborhoods.

Theaster is all about what i Citizen strives to be–individual and grassroots actions making the world a better place.

Bravo to Theaster and we look forward to his many more enduring works!.



Jin Nua