Where globalism brings good, it also introduces many evils.

Clearly we should attempt to assist the less fortunate through improving their standards of living (such as improved education, adequate nutrition, and health care) however this isn’t necessarily the intent of those involved in globalization.

In fact, the objectives of the large majority of those involved in globalization is to spread influence and expand their businesses. We’re talking about countries and corporations that benefit through expanding their influence and businesses (and thereby profits) in underdeveloped countries.

The result is unsustainable short-range thinking, destructive overexpansion, overconsumption of resources, the infiltration of irresponsible lending practices, and cultural degradation.

Localization intends to reverse this tide. Localism will develop specific programs intended to bring about positive, long term change however not at the risk of cultural and environmental destruction. Localization will include empowering local communities to grow intellectual infrastructure (training, education, etc.) as well as improve medicine, local community development, and self-sufficient living. Implemented over the course of years, an intelligent and sustainable development can be realized.

If you would like to be part of developing Localizations platform, please contact Jin with your credentials and/or sample work.

Jin Nua