Sensible Societies

Sensible Societies

In addition to the key educational, institutional, and legislative elements of iC; social planning is another essential pillar of iC’s vision and success.

The following outlines initial ideas related to long term social planning.

  • Stress good diet and health over consumption. Emphasize long term change of habit and downplay quick fix diets. Boycott unhealthy outlets.
  • Implement social campaigns emphasizing quality-of-living habits (positive thinking, the arts, the importance of relationships, holistic thinking, etc.) and alternate medicines.
  • Life cycle courses shall be offered free at community centers to foster health, well-being, and knowledge.
  • Organize movements against useless, wasteful, resource depleting institutions such as junk mail and over-packaging.
  • Improve the human condition by engineering more balanced monetary and financial policy utilizing the principles of Socionomics.
  • De-emphasize winning as the only thing of value in American society (i.e. the current sports and elections, ‘winner takes all’ mentality). Instead the importance of doing things you love/care about most (and helping others) will be emphasized as the most meaningful and enduring and in fact, the only means to achieve true happiness.
  • The current belief that ‘more is always better’ is demonstratively false. Programs emphasizing the benefits of simple and frugal living and stress reduction lifestyles shall be implemented.
  • The current belief that new-and-faster is always better and all technology enhances our lives is false. Such an attitude encourages waste and unrealistic expectations and will be replaced with the belief slower-and-less is more enjoyable.
  • The current belief that ‘both parents working’ families improves the quality of living is false. It’s a fact that one member working at home (the man or the woman) increases the overall nutrition, health, spiritualism and well-being of the entire family of home and improves not only the well-being of the family. Local community activities and organized action groups shall be fostered to help homemakers regain the feelings or purpose, involvement, and connectivity.
  • Implement youth programs promoting respect and interaction with the natural world.
  • Foster and reestablish our connection with the natural world by organizing nature excursions, retreats, camping, and hiking events.
  • Maintain list of food and product outlets that minimize waste and energy usage and maximum recycling including re-fills into existing containers, re-usable grocery bags, no receipt unless requested, etc. Higher taxes shall be applied to wasteful outlets and those who over-package goods (as well as boycotting campaigns).
  • Emphasize that art, music, poetry, philosophy, etc. retains longer term value and meaning over consumption and new gadgets.
  • To contain the tide of spiraling high populations, incentives will be given to parents whom have less than two children. Ultimately communities will be given reasonable quotas on how many natural resources they can consume.
  • The need for competition will never go away however to keep maintain fair and proper values of remuneration between sports players and teachers for instance, salary caps will be implemented. Sports club incomes will also be limited and excesses above a specified values will be donated to educational programs.
  • The belief science will always find a solution to society’s problems will ultimately come to a conclusion (and in fact, encourages destructive behavior). Sensibility, frugality, and nature cures will progressively replace such false beliefs.

If you are interested in assisting to develop these programs, please contact Jin with some of your initial ideas and/or sample works.

Jin Nua