i Platform

i Platform

iC’s Platform is designed to translate iC’s objectives into real actions and outcomes in the realm of human affairs through social and legislative initiatives.

Initially iC shall affect legislation and social policy through traditional outlets such as media, petitioning, and political lobbying. Ultimately a political party may emerge depending upon circumstances and actual progress.

The key elements of iC’s Platform are;

  • All Things Considerations (ATC) Education
  • Holistic Taxation
  • Sensible Social Planning
  • Efficient Infrastructure
  • Truth in Media
  • Responsible Business
  • Ethics in Banking
  • Longstanding Dispute Resolution
  • Localism

If you are interested in assisting to develop these programs, please contact Jin with some of your initial ideas and/or sample works.

How iC Will Succeed

iC will provide people with more practical and meaningful means toward conducting their lives and engaging nature. iC will accomplish this by re-centering society’s core values in more meaningful, sensible, and sustainable qualities.

Social and tax policies (school curriculums, national policies, and tax laws) will be progressively aligned to society’s new core values across 1-2 generations.

iC’s reasoning and pathway to implementing long-term positive change resides in the following key tenants (each of which is expanded upon further below).

  • Society’s core is corrupt and needs a redefinition
  • Society must be restructured utilizing a strong yet sensible, top-down approach
  • Change needs to be implemented progressively over several generations
  • iC will fully utilize all available forms of communication to maximize its impact and effectiveness


Redefining the Core

The first tenant of iC is the simple recognition societies are defined by the qualities of their core. Positive and balanced cores create positive and balanced societies. Short-sighted and destructive cores create short-sighted and destructive societies.

Thus to effect large-scale social change, the centers of society need to supplanted with more meaningful and enduring qualities. Naturally its laws, institutions, and tax structures will reflect the new core ultimately creating groups of citizens.

A main pillar of iC will be to redefine society’s core away from unbridled greed and instead about qualities of personal responsibility, sensibility, sustainability, nature, art, and true science again.

Top-Down Approach

i C also recognizes the necessity of taking a sensible top-down approach. It’s not that personal choice is bad; it’s that without a centralized approach, there’s no true means to properly gauge –and positively control, the effects of billions of individual actions.

The rub comes down to the tension between a man’s love for his family (and his good and necessary need to acquire and support them) and the simple fact that we as individuals are mostly incapable of seeming the larger forest through the thick woods surrounding us.

In other words, in the hubbub of getting on with life individuals aren’t able to fully understand the impact of things beyond their localized environment. How can an individual truly grasp the impact of a single action amplified by billions of other, similar actions? Thus with a natural disposition to consume and gather as much as possible we can (and largely only considering the present tense), a centralized and sustained approach is necessary to effect long term, sustained change.

Multi-Generational Approach (MGA)

iC will accomplish its lofty objectives through adopting long term, multi-generational approaches (MGA) to implementing positive change.

iC will accomplish this by first defining the ultimate objectives of society (via a 100 Year Plan) and then working backwards to progressively align school curriculums, national policies, tax laws, and legislations to society’s new core values. It is anticipated change can be implemented incrementally across 1-2 generations.

Political Platform

No political system is sustainable without restraint and responsibility. By definition, capitalism’s goals are maximum consumption and encourage short-term, and greed-oriented thinking and actions. Such a system is destructive not only to the human soul, but especially to future generations.

A political platform will be developed based on the evaluation of the best balance between individual, group, ecosystems, and the world as a whole (in an interconnected matrix format).

To educate people, teaching modules shall be created showing various scenarios showing how the state of the planet and human condition in 50 and 100 years based on current policies/actions versus iC proposals.

If you are interested in assisting to develop these programs, please contact Jin with some of your initial ideas and/or sample works.

Jin Nua