i Save

i Save

To effect real and meaningful change we need to change the way we interact with everything we engage and touch—with each other, nature, and the world.

And you’d be surprised just how significant your actions are—small actions can bring about big effects. Small acts amplified by millions of similar acts can bring about huge change.

i Save outlines daily, weekly, and monthly habits that make a difference. Practiced faithfully, the combined effects of 100’s of millions ‘drops in the ocean’ bring about tsunami-sized effects.

Come help us save our planet and the future of our children, their children, and their children etc. ad infimum!

Implement the following mindful activities in your life and help bring about meaningful change.

Daily Routines

  • Turnoff lights when not in use (such as when leaving a room)
  • Turn off heat and the air conditioning to rooms that are not in use (or are used infrequently)
  • Minimize the use of air conditioning
  • Maximize recycling
  • Minimize water usage
  • Use every bit of product (i.e. squeeze the toothpaste dry, etc.)
  • Ask people not to give you receipts, napkins, condiments etc.
  • Avoid restaurants that don’t use reusable utensils
  • Avoid products that use unnecessary packaging
  • Always carry a handbag to carry your good and groceries home
  • Take action when you see wastage (ask a theater or mall to adjust their thermostat, etc.)
  • Walk and bike instead of driving
  • Stay home more and travel less

Weekly Routines

  • Meatless Monday’s
  • Help Another on Thursday
  • Fuel-less Friday’s
  • Soul Searching Sundays (meditate and writing out ways to improve your life and world)
  • Electricity free on the Eleventh (of each Month)Social Contribution on the Seventeenth (clean-up a street, help the needy)

Long-term Choices

  • Try not to own a car (especially in locales where biking and/or public transportation are available)
  • If you have to own a car, only own one car (i.e. do not own two cars in a family for instance)
  • Always buy a hybrid or electrical car (hydrogen or solar when available)
  • Buy a used car and keep it for as many years as possible (you’d be surprised how reliable today’s cars today)
  • Avoid buying a new house (old houses are often beater built and have more functionality and charm)
  • Install solar panels and other energy savings systems on your home
  • Try to make your home last a lifetime

Send Jin any other suggestions you think of!

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Jin Nua