Life’s Journey

Learn Real Means to Increase Your Spirituality!

If you seek tangible methods to increase your spirituality, don’t miss this video (as presented by Jin at the Haden Institute 2021 Summer Conference!)

Click Here

Purity, the Universe, and You

Check out this cool video on the significance of purity in the cosmos and lives!

Purity, The Universe, and Your Life │Jin Nua Teachings – YouTube

Use Centerlife Mandalas for a More Blissful Life!

Use the power of Centerlife Mandalas to uplift and enhance your life!

Welome to Centerlife!

Hello everyone! I’m very pleased to announce the launch of my new website Centerlife (!
Centerlife is the next phase of Centerpath providing the necessary, life-practice system people can use to put nature’s wisdom in their lives!
I can’t tell you how excited I am to complete this essential initiative. Not only is the site beautiful, it includes hosts of tools you can immediately use to uplift and enhance your life! Check it out!
I hope your Centerlife journey of discovery is as exciting and uplifting as mine was delivering here, to you today!