Centerlife – Seven Paths to Happiness

Team Centerpath!

I’m happy to announce my third on-line course “Centerlife – Seven Paths to Happiness” has been completed!

A simple and effective way to create a great life by, you guessed it, simply enhancing the prime 7 centers of your life!

Check it out for free at:…/centerlife-seven-paths-to…/…

If prompted, use this code: FREE7PATHSTOHAPPY

Wellpath Mantra (The First of ‘The Seven Paths’)

Check out this cool video from my upcoming course entitled ‘Centerlife – Seven Paths to Happiness’. The video reminds the importance of keeping our core center strong–i.e. our physical center!

Practice this mantra at least once a week and watch your health and wellness soar!

Wellpath Mantra (The First of 'The Seven Paths')

New Technical Paper by Jin!

The cycle of returning things to their source permeates the universe. It’s the phenomenon that drives salmon to migrate to their original spawning ground, dying stars to collapse back to their originating gravitational center, and why we’re all inexplicably drawn to be buried in our hometowns.

Applying this essential function to how the mind processes sensory data, I developed the paper (see link below) outlining how our minds re-project sensory signals back upon their source—i.e., after the mind recreates the signal in our minds, it then ‘returns it to its source’ where it originated from.

Fun stuff.

View the Paper Here (in pdf)

Jin’s New On-line Course

Hi Everyone!

Some fun news–I just published my first Udemy on-line course entitled “Building a Deeper Spirituality Through Nature”.

Because the course is brand new, it’s FREE for the next 3 days.

Follow these steps to check it out!

1. Click on this link and enrol in the course by Saturday morning at 11 a.m. USA-EST (which equates to 10 p.m. on Saturday night in Jakarta/Bangkok).

2. Watch the course (it’s about an hour in duration).Note–there’s no time limit to watch the full course however you must enrol within 3-days to get FREE access.

3. Please ‘Rate’ the course (1-5 Stars) and provide a ‘Review’. This will help the course get off to a great start!

4. Feel free to forward the link to a few of your good friends!

I hope you find it fun and interesting!