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Heart of the Universe Screenplay

I finally completed the introduction to my movie screenplay ‘Heart of the Universe’!

Centerlife Press Release!

Check out this cool press release related to the release of my Centerlife book.

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Centerlife Pillar #3—Virtuepath

Today we examine Pillar #3 of Centerlife—Virtuepath.

Virtuepath’s focus is to purify our thought centers towards living a purer and more mindful life.

Check it out at this link!
The following preview also says a lot!

Virtuepath teaches that our thoughts are just as real as anything else in the universe, and like seedlings they take root, sprout, and grow; and that their originating DNA is passed to all things that follow—that is to say our thoughts grow into something permanent and progressively larger.

Virtuepath provides fresh new insights toward developing better quality thoughts toward uplifting and optimizing your life.

Press Release – Jin Discovers Universal Pattern

Check out this insightful press release on Jin’s discovery of a common pattern underlying nature and life.

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