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i Citizen is Born

Welcome to I-Citizen –the organization that promises to change the world–one intelligent citizen at a time.

I am very excited to announce the birth of i-Citizen on this most auspicious day of 21 June 2015—it’s summer solstice and a full moon no less! I believe i Citizen promises to be the seed of great things to follow.

The goals of I-Citizen (Intelligent Citizen or iC for short) are as simple as they are profound. iC’s intends to affect the opinions and attitudes of individual’s; to strike the perfect balance between the human condition and that of the planet that sustains it.

Of course these are the goals of everyone –to balance the needs of the human and worldly soul. But whereas others have only achieved partial success iC will succeed through truly recognizing the natural way of all things–and how that ‘way’ relates to the human condition.

iC is rooted in the principles of Centerpath. Namely;

  • The ‘condition’ of all creations results directly from the content and character of what’s at their core.
  • Thus if a creation is ailing (in this case society), it’s because its core is corrupt. By healing the core of society, society can flourish.

In this light, iC will establish positive, long term change through the following broad principles;

  • iC will define a new set of social core values based on sensible, balanced, and sustainable principles as reflected in iC’s constitution.
  • iC will than establish social, tax, legislative, and educational structures to reflect and build real society’s new core values forming the basis of iC’s Platform.
  • iC will progressively implement changes over 1-2 generations to have a real chance of changing the world as part of its 100 Year Plan.

As you can see, iC is rooted in something real and right, practical and meaningful, beautiful, and enduring.

It has a real chance of improving our lives for the better.

I encourage you sign up for i-Citizen. Reserve your place in history by helping found the organization that saved us and the planet sustaining us!

All the Best,