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Find Meaning…Through the Heart of All Things

The Shape of the Core

The next few blog post excerpts from my e-book Encyclopedia Centerpath will examine the shape of atoms.
Nature’s mysteries never cease to amaze and inspire!
Check it out here.

i Monthly Focus – The Book of Life (December  2016)

As i-Citizen begins to role out it’s ATC Educational Curriculum in the coming years, “The Book of Life” will surely be a main consultant and partner of ours. With its incredibly profound and wide reaching subjects, it closes the circle of knowledge required to traverse life–an extraordinary set of ideas and lessons for all ages. Sign up for their newsletter today!

I-citizen declares war! 

I-citizen declares war on ignorance, greed, and destructiveness.

What is i-citizen’s secret weapon? Our hearts and minds!

Our soldiers? Today’s youth, whom having inherited a plundered planet, will fight valiantly against the entrenched selfishness and short sightedness of a lost generation.

Our lieutenants? Parents and teachers! Tasked with imparting sensibility, holistic thinking, and responsibility in our children.

With our sustained assault, we can eradicate the terrible effects of an era gone awry. Enlist today and begin contributing to a better world!