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Answers to Life’s Biggest Question

What is the meaning of life? Do we have a destiny? How can I know I am making good decision? etc. etc.

Each of us has a lot of questions—now we can find answers.

Watch this wonderful Q&A with Jin to find tangible answers to life’s greatest questions.

If you want to amplify the effects of this deeply insightful VDO, take a walk in nature while listening to it to ensure maximum absorption of its beautiful messages.

Van Gogh and Jupiter

I wonder if Van Gogh was looking at Jupiter when he painted Starry Night!
Nature’s beauty, and man’s imagination of her are limitless and will never cease to amaze!

Living in the Here and Now

A great way to cultivate the experience of living in the HERE AND NOW is to pick up paper and pen, and sketch something in your surroundings.
Think about it. What more efficient way to slow down time, and become one with your surroundings than through the practice of sitting quietly, and staring intently at something close to you.
Attached are two of my sketches. Not great by any means but rewarding and especially as it relates to this discussion; helped me stop time, and capture the moment I was in and thereby help me experience the HERE AND NOW.
As an added benefit, practicing the HERE and NOW (through sketching) cultivates effects similar to meditation and mindfulness (and in fact, provides a great foundation to those that ultimately want to take up meditation).
Give it a try! You’ll be glad you did!
P.S. a word of encouragement to the discouraged—don’t allow yourself to fall into the normal “I can’t do it trap”. You know what I mean, the typical excuse to ourselves that we can’t sketch because we don’t have talent or don’t know how.
Don’t forget learning to walk, mathematics, and riding a bike took time! So keep practicing and trying (and/or take lessons). You will not only come to appreciate the value in creating something of your own, but also the value of slowing down time and more intimately experiencing the world about you—i.e. live in the HERE AND NOW.

Feeling Grateful to a Great Universe

We should feel grateful. Thankful for the order, harmony, and beauty streaming throughout the universe!
In the brilliant radiance of flowers, rainbows and sunsets, sparkling glaciers, temples, and infinite stars on a moonless night.
In all the billions of miracles occurring simultaneously in our bodies every moment.
In crystals, a mother’s patience, waterfalls, mountain vistas, Van Gogh’s skies, and the bliss in a child’s face.
God’s smile shining brightly through all her lovely creations!
Jin Nua