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Walk with Jin to the Heart of Centerpath!

Join Jin on the very walk he discovered Centerpath!

A fun VDO full of beautiful images and deep truths!

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What in the universe is not beautiful?

I guess the only remaining question is–“what in the universe is not beautiful?”

Centerpath 101 – Centers Unite Larger Things

As Centerpath teaches, an essential function of centers is to unite hosts of ‘things’ into larger, cohesive organizations.
This phenomenon is especially evident in large-scale human groupings where a single, central symbol can serve to unite 100’s of millions of people.
Nowhere is this more apparent than at the entrance to the Forbidden City at the heart of Beijing where a huge portrait of Mao resides (see image below).
While standing there viewing the portrait, you can almost feel the hearts of 1.4 billion people come together as one—united in the shared image of their iconic leader at the core of their collective psyche.
A powerful experience made even more meaningful, through a basic knowledge of Centerpath!
If you want to learn more about how centers unite all sorts of things (including flocks, families, teams, corporations, armies, nations, and your life) you’ll need to spend some time with Centerpath.
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Reconnect with your Inner Core…Thru Centerpath

Learn how thru recognizing nature’s centers, you can reconnect with your true self…and possibly obtain higher awareness.

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