100 Year Plan

100 Year Plan

Let face it–a 2-4 year political planning cycle is outdated and ineffective leading to short sightedness and wasteful energies being expended toward election battles.

The only way to truly effect positive and enduring change is to have a long term plan and implement against that long-term plan.

iC’s 100 Year Plan will feature a progressive and integrated approach toward implementing iC’s long term objectives.

The first step will be to define core values with the goal of striking a balance between the needs of man and the planet that sustains us. Core values shall include;

  • Promoting sustainable business and personal solutions
  • Promoting the arts, culture, and nature
  • Promoting well-being over competition (i.e. quality over quantity approaches)

From iC’s core values; laws, tax structures, educational campaigns, and educational curriculums will be established to meet iC’s objectives over the next 100 years.

Each of these key elements will be incrementally implemented over the next 2-3 generations. For instance;

  • Laws and taxes will be changed over the next 3-15 years to allow an orderly transition from current technologies to new technologies (for instance; transitioning from combustion engines to electrical engines)
  • Changes to curriculums shall be progressively staged such that students currently in school will only see a gradual change to existing curriculums (i.e. a ‘bumpless transfer’) whereas new students (aka kindergarteners) will start out with the ‘next stage’ curriculums to accelerate the ‘new’ learning process.
Jin Nua