i Karma

i Karma

i Karma (Karma Counter®)

Be a good I-citizen through building your karma!

What we think, do, and say does become real in the world and does come back to us.

Perform good deeds and more of the same will always follow. Practice the deeds below and build a better world!

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Description of Act/Activity

Points Earned

Give a Compliment 1
Wear the Same Clothes More Than Once 1
Listen to a Friend 2
Listen to a Parent 2
Decline Receiving a Plastic or Paper Bag at Checkout 2
Decline Receiving a Receipt 2
Decline Receiving Condiments at Restaurants 2
Decline Receiving Tissues at Restaurants 2
Power Down Your Computer After Every Use 2
Disconnect Chargers When Not in Use 2
Don’t Print Documents at Work 2
If you Print, Reduce Extra Spaces/Headers/Etc. to Reduce the Number of Sheets 2
Print a Two-Sided Copy 2
Close an Open Door in Public to Save Air Conditioning 3
Help a Stranger 3
Advise Hotels You Don’t Want Extras 3
Turnoff the Light When You Leave the Room 3
Only Use One Light in Each Room 3
Admit You’re Wrong 3
Listen More Than You Talk 3
Turn off the Water Frequently in the Shower 3
Eat Food That Doesn’t Require Heating 3
Be a Vegetarian for a Day 3
Eat 50% Less for One Day 3
Hand Clothes Down 5
Boycott Any Company That Mails ‘Junk Mail’ 5
Discontinue a Newspaper Subscription 5
Discontinue a Magazine Subscription 5
Adjust Your Water Heater (to a Cooler Temperature) 5
Turn off the Air Conditioning When You Leave the Room 5
Tell Management the Air Conditioning is Too Cold (when at a store or mall) 5
Visit a Grandparent 15
Resist Buying Something You Want but Don’t Need 15
Take Children (or a Friend) On a Walk in Nature 15
Only Eat at organic Restaurants 15
Only Eat at Restaurants with No Throwaways 15
Donate Clothes 20
Donate Food 20
Donate Goods (such as to the Salvation Army) 20
Car Pool 20
Walk instead of Driving 20
Bike instead of Driving 20
Take Public Transport instead of Driving 20
In the Summer, Take Steps to Reduce Your Air Con Usage 20% 20
In the Summer, Save Energy by Air Conditioning and Living in only One Room 20
In the Winter, Wear More Clothes and Reduce the Thermostat Temperature Significantly 20
In the Winter, Save Energy by Heating and Living in only One Room 20
Lose 10-Pounds 20
Maintain Your 10-Pound Weight Loss for One Year 20
Start a Paper Savings Program at Home 30
Start a Recycling Program at Home 30
Buy Locally (i.e. from local stores) 30
Do Something Extra for the Environment (Pick Up Trash for One Hour on a Walk, Turn Off Your Air Conditioning All Day, Don’t Drive all Day, Etc.) 30
Start a Paper Savings Program at Work 30
Start a Recycling Program at Work 30
Do One Extra Thing for Their Community Per Month (Buy Locally, Boycott Wal-Mart Types) 30
Buy Solar Panels 200
Buy an Electric Car 200
Skip a Vacation (i.e. stay at home instead) 200


Jin Nua